The Niche Ad Generator For Clickbank

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  1. Donald Mann says:

    How does one, use this Software Tool, on Craiglist. Without being blocked ?

    Does this Software,have a work around ? Unless, it changes your IP Address, you

    will, get caught and have to do their call in to verify, or whatever they have in

    place, now. I know that Backpage and the others don’t. But I would buy it, if it has

    a work around,from Craiglists version, of a Google Slap. Donald Mann From Texas.

    • michelangelo says:

      This is not a Craigslist tool per say. This is an Ad generator. I do use it to create ads that I do post on Craigslist but it is not
      a tool that has some special ‘program’ to keep ads up. UOIS members and myself do post on Craigslist without abusing their terms.

      • Donald Mann says:

        So how can I post on craiglist without being block ? and using this Ad Nitch program.

        P.S. Not looking to buy a seperate service or a sprint air card or something like this to keep, on Craiglist.

  2. Alan Morrison says:

    The system niche ad generator seems really great but unfortunately the video stopped working half way through.

  3. Robert says:

    Awesome Tool! Very easy to use a Child can use it!
    This tool will help a lot of people make money online!

  4. Lance Sumner says:

    Michelangelo continually brings the “Best of the Best” to helping others learn to make Money on the Net. Always laying out everything needed in a simple way using video and methods giving the “Steps to Success” everyday. I can only say AWESOME!!! Lance Sumner

  5. Carmella Leo says:

    Dynamite as usual. A must have piece of software. The best decision I have ever made.

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