Niche Ad Generator Is Now Available For Free

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So what is this Niche Ad Generator thing all about?

First, let me tell you what Niche Ad Generator can do when marketing Clickbank products…

Niche Ad Generator is a marketing tool developed to save you time, and as we all know… Time is money!

Niche Ad Generator For Clickbank and Other ProductsWe’ve all been there… Struggling to crank out unique, quality ads for this niche and that niche for ClickBank or other affiliate products. Over time your mind just turns to jelly and creativity becomes a dull memory. That is where Niche Ad Generator comes to the rescue. You see, Niche Ad Generator actually creates the content of your ad for products from ClickBank an other affiliate sources. The program is packed full of of content pieces and with a click of the mouse these pieces are put together¬† to create a new unique custom ad, time after time. You will have the ability to literally crank out hundreds of ads in a fraction of the time.

Niche Ad Generator does not submit ads made for ClickBank for you, but gets your ClickBank ads ready for submission in record time.

There are lots of folks out there, that either are just starting out and have no idea how to put together an ad, or have so much on their plate that they just become brain dead when it comes to creating new fresh ad content. Niche ad Generator is for YOU!

After a short successful run selling Niche Ad Generator on ClickBank, and through my own private affiliate network,  I decided this really needed to be available to everyone, including YOU!

So here is the deal on how to get Niche Ad Generator, the ClickBank product ad machine (FREE)…

Being the founder of the University of Internet Science (UOIS), I have a little pull and put together a little package.

LOL! Don’t worry it’s all free.

The University of Internet Science is a hugely popular, and active training platform for Internet Marketing, with 1,000′s of enrollments, and 100′s of new people coming in every week.

Why so many? That’s easy. Within UOIS you will find what you need to be successful at Internet Marketing.

  • Hours and hours of video trainings
  • Weekly LIVE training webinars and special workshops and events
  • Recorded webinars
  • ClickBank Training

Again relax, there is NO FEE to be part of UOIS.

All you need to do is register, upload an image, and complete a profile of yourself.

Once you complete the free registration at UOIS, you will have unlimited free access to Niche Ad Generator.

Get Niche Ad Generator FREE with UOIS Registration and Learn to Market Clickbank Products

See this post about the Niche Ad Generator prior to launch

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  1. Ritchie Daniels says:

    Where do i go to download the ad nich genarator?

  2. Bill Flint says:

    Beautiful piece of work ! And Thanks,

  3. Edith says:

    Hi Michelangelo,
    This is amazing, I would love to use it.

  4. bro.Victor says:

    You can’t really be happy with what NicheAd Generator can do unless you tried it to the limit…surprise, there’s no limit to the ads and you will g]be glad you did. Have a pleasant day.

  5. Dean Mosley says:

    The Niche Ad Generator is tireless in spitting out ads. Why wear yourself out trying to think of something to write when it is done for you. Multiple niche’s or any program can be utilized with this fantastic tool. GET IT and quit working so hard!!!

    Thanks Michelangelo

  6. Lynn Alexander says:

    How do you get the Niche Ad Generator? I’ve been trying for the last two days.

  7. Barry Siddy says:

    Niche AD Generator rocks and I love your training videos.

  8. Rick Nelson says:

    Easy, simple to use, will save countless hours. I can’t wait to see what kind of response I get from the ads. Great tool! Thanks!


  9. Ken Barnes says:

    Simply an AWESOME tool! Extremely simple and easy to use and very effective! And for free??? All I can say is WOW!

  10. Carmie Leo says:

    The very best tool on the Internet ! Just too great to miss. Very Powerful, complete and cool.

    Thanks Michelangelo!

  11. Lance White says:

    Michaelangelo Lopez and UOIS add value! All for FREE!

  12. No need to write ad copy ever again, this software does it all for you. It will change the way that you do business online.

  13. Ric oneill says:

    Michelangelo, Yes you have don it again! and again! and again! This is just to good
    can’t be leave this is happening! thanks so much.

  14. Alan Kiel says:

    NAG is great. I just started using it last week and boy what a difference in time and money. My posts and CAP’s have never been better.

  15. What an AWESOME bit of kit! No more staring at the screen blankly wondering what the hell to write. Now I can spend more time posting ads that sell. Thanks Michelangelo.

  16. Aunt Betty says:

    Dat damn Michelangelo dit damn good dis time! Hot dog! Good Job! I cen’t spel but dat d’ere Niche Ad Generator Can!

    Good Day in da Morning!

  17. Niche Ad Generator is one awesome tool! Plus, it is FREE when you join our UOIS group. Be sure to sign up to get this tool at my UOIS website. Alot of FREE training included by being a UOIS member.

  18. Lina Lopez says:

    Este sofware es increible. Yo lo uso diario!

  19. Skip Larsen says:

    This really rocks thanks so much, Capt Skip Larsen

  20. Richie Eveillard says:

    The Niche Ad Generator definitely changed the way I do my business online. I love that I can target any niche with ease. The best thing about this software, is that it is FREE! You can beat that. Michelangelo can charge easily $49.00 for something like this. I highly recommend this, especially if you are trying to build your list.

  21. This is a very good tool to make a lot of money
    I try it out today and i got a lot hits to my clickbank Account
    i love this tool

  22. bro.Victor says:

    The software is really very efficient and saves lots of time, and allows users to be able to position their offers in any classified ads at its maximum exposures. Hope to

  23. Skip Larsen says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome I can’t wait to use this wonderful product!! Thank You so very much……Capt Skip larsen

  24. Lina Lopez says:

    This software is GREAT, and everyone can use it.

    With 2 hrs. a day, you will see huge results.

  25. Charles Virginia says:

    Hi Michelangelo,
    Thanks for the great software.It’s out of this world.Actualy word has pass my mouth.indescribable Awesome.
    Thanks Again. Never has such powerful software.

  26. Barb says:

    The Niche Ad Generator is awesome! It literally does what it says – generates ads for you! Brilliant piece of software – and it’s free!

  27. Jon Gardner says:

    The Niche Ad Generator is Great!!! There’s so much you can do with it and you’ll never get the same ad twice… It does 90% of the work for you and it has definitely helped me… No matter what business you are in… You Need This!!!

  28. Steven NJ says:

    Wow what a fantastic GUY. No One on the internet allows you to and Shows you HOW to make money Like Michelangelo Lopez.
    You are a Dream man. You have literally helped Thousands of us make money WITH YOU as the years have gone by.

    Thank you for ALL YOU Do.

  29. fred worley says:

    great i like it fred. even i can use it

  30. Steve Ward says:

    People are going to go nuts when they find out how cool this software is and that it’s also free.

  31. Ray Johnson says:

    Michelangelo…Wow!! Can I join again?? This is a great deal on an awesome piece of software! No more brain cramps when it comes to thinking up decent ads. This software frees me up to think of other places to market. Thanks!

  32. Michelangelo says:

    And we will be updating and adding new niches very soon!

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